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Google Chrome for Windows 8 is one of the best web browsers for surfing the web. It works on any device that uses Windows 8 or a higher operating system, including phones, computers and tablets. With Google Chrome, you can sync your web browser across multiple devices and use one account. The way Chrome works is pretty simple: You will then given the option of creating a new account. If you log into that same account on your phone or another device, Chrome will automatically sync and link all your accounts.

The searches that you do on your phone will show up on your computer. Within the options feature section, you can change the way you browse and surf too. The privacy settings located under this category enables you to click buttons to select improve malware protection and to enable predictive text. Predictive text will predict the type of searches you want to do based on popular searches or searches you have made in the past.

This feature will also pull up a list of websites that you have visited in the past, and this is achieved based on what you enter to help you more easily find content. The option settings also include change options which allow you to make to the web content that you view. Chrome also enables you to select a standard font size or create a custom font size.

This is beneficial because all sites you visit in the future will feature the same size of font. You can also zoom in and out of a page and change your language settings to your preferred or native language.

With hundreds of extensions available, Chrome gives you the ability to customize your experience. You can search for plug-ins and add-ons that make your life a little easier. Some of these products let you instantly add items that you see for sale online to your Amazon wish list, and others let you instantly send a page or a photo that you see online to someone in your email contacts list.

Using Chrome also gives you full access to the Google Store that features all the top apps and games that Google users try daily. Though some are free to download and use, others apps cost real money. You can add a payment option to your account, like a credit card or a debit card, to make purchases through the store without entering your card details every time.

Chrome makes it possible for you to view apps that are based on a certain type; the most popular app choices; and various other features. As long as you remain logged into your Google account, you can access all the information stored in any of those apps. You can click the Gmail button to load your email or click on Google Docs to view all the documents you have saved. Google also makes it easy for you to use apps like Slide and Sheets or YouTube.

Google designed Chrome to run more efficiently and to handle more complex apps. With Chrome, you can play all your favorite mobile games without experiencing any lag times or run time errors.

With it, you can also run Chrome Remote Desktop, which is a feature that helps you better manage all the apps and programs you use online.

Essentially, Chrome acts like an extra operating system that gives you complete and total access to all Google apps.

With incognito mode, Chrome will automatically delete all those pages and keep them from appearing in your history. You can even click a button and open a new tab for viewing in incognito mode from the main page.

This home page also includes a small list of your most visited sites. It shows you what that page looks like and the name of that site. This makes it easy to load some of your favorite sites without using the address bar. In the options menu, you can change this home page to any site that you would like. Chrome comes with an omnibox that you can use as both a search box and an address bar.

Google Chrome 8.0.552.237

If you need to visit a specific site, you can simply type the URL in the given box. That box also makes it possible for you to perform searches. This feature helps keep your computer safe. For a web browser that gives you access to loads of extensions, apps and customized features, Google Chrome for Windows 8 is a great choice.

Google Chrome for Windows 8 Windows 8 version of the amazing Web browser built by Google. Incognito mode keeps your web searches private Works with lots of official and unofficial add-ons and extensions Gives you easy access to Google apps via a dedicated Apps button Use the same bar for entering addresses and doing searches Helps you sync data across all registered devices Cons: Can sometimes change the layout or overall look of a page Does not offer security protection against all types of malware Only works with Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows Limits certain features based on whether you log into a Google account first Does not always import all your saved passwords.

Mozilla Firefox Updated browser for Internet use to increase speeds. Polarity Browser Free Web browser with unique tech behind it. Google Chrome for Windows 8 Google Chrome for Windows 8: Windows 8 version of the amazing Web browser built by Google.

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